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Is there a good start program for 3D printing? Answered

Hi, I don't have a 3D printed but I would like to post instructions on making something in 3D, does anyone know what program I can use to write the file in?
I need to be able to write a file compatible with most 3D printers so users can download, plug in and use straight away.
Thanks for the help in advance.


STL files should wrk fine for most programs but your real problem is that without being able to print your creation there is no way of telling how it will work out.

There are certain limitations that need to be addressed.

There are a lot of people posting 3D files with good intention but many can't even be printed as the detail level is too high for the printer resolution.
So if you never done it, how can you provide proper instructions on the process?

So how do I create a STL file? I know the project in focus is not too complicated for a 3D printer.

Why not start by looking into the 3D printing community or Wikipedia?

Even Google would find a lot of programs.

Blender is a quite popular program for creating 3D files.

Alright, I will probably try blender.

Thanks for that.


Pick your poison...I mean, app... There are many ibles that walk you through the process to create a 3d model in anything from Sketchup, Inventor or whatever and pass through some kind of converter/slicer software to generate g-code for the 3d printer.

Thanks for that, I will check it out!

Tinkercad is probably the easiest one to use