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Is there a limit on Favorites? Answered

Sorry to ask this again but I've rec'd no answers yet: Is there a limit to the # of Instructables we can add as "Favorites"? I don't want to lose my older Faves when adding new ones. (Not sure if the -ibles I first "faved" are deleted to make room for newly tagged faves, once a limit is reached.) I'd really appreciate an answer--thanks so much!



Best Answer 9 years ago

As far as i know, there is not a limit. However, because you are nt a pro member, in a month or two, you will lose access to adding new favorites, because it is becoming a pro feature.

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Thank you, THANK you for letting me know this--I had no idea about favorites becoming exclusive to pro members. (That means I could possible lose the favorites I have saved--I need to look into this, or at least print out/save elsewhere the Instructables I've faved.) I appreciate the heads up--thanks again!

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Also keep in mind that if you ever do become pro, the same favorites should come back.