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Is there a limit on how many Instructables and slideshows you can post on instructables? Answered

Is there a limit on how many Instructables and slideshows you can post on instructables?

Also, in what catagory does this question fit? I used tech, but that's just because I couldn't think of any other catagory.



Best Answer 8 years ago

No, no limit. Why you ask? You got a few million instructables lined up? :D

The category is fine.

I was just wondering, I have about 400 pictures in my Instructables account right now and I wanted to know if I had to delete some old ones if I wanted to post more slideshows.

I currently have 2595 images in my library.

When I asked a similar question some time ago, Eric had over 7000 photos in his library.

There is a limit to the number that you can upload at one time but not a limit to the size of your library that I'm aware of.


8 years ago

But I don't think it is a great idea to post all of them at once. Suppose Giannyl (which I consider a Queen of instructables) would post all of her creations at once: Now I am always looking forward to see her new instructables; I don't care about sewing etc, but she is lovely, and the videos are clear, short and instructive, with nice music. But if everything would be presented all at once, it would become boring, or even irritating. Recently, if blogging, or make-up is not your specialty, we have had an overload of instructables on a specific subject all at once (princesspinkcat and fourblogger). Too bad, but it degrades these instructables to below KNEX level.

I see. Though it was not excactly the answer to my question, but thanks anyways.

.  There is bound to be some kind of limit, but I don't remember anyone complaining that they had run out of space - and there are some very prolific Iblers.