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Is there a pin or safety pin shaped like this? Answered

I need  small pins shaped like this - a safety pin like thing maybe 3/8 to 1/2 inch diameter.  Do they exist?


Thanks! I hadn't thought about jewelry! - had started from the idea of wire shower curtain 'rings' that clip closed like a safety pin.

You could bend a safety-pin, why not?
Or make one.


Thanks for your input, lemonie. For the size I wanted, the head on a safety pin would be too big. Also, there is that loop at the other end, although I've seen online some without the loop. There are some plastic pins to mark stitches for knitters that come close. I'm surprised that such a useful shape isn't out there somewhere. Make one...well, I'm sure PhilB and many others here could.

Small head eh, if I think of something I'll be back.


Thanks! If you EVER see this as a non jewelry thing I would love to know. I checked out jewelry findings and found something very close in sterling silver. While I was in the store I picked up a package of 144 decorative 'wedding bands' (made for tying onto ribbons for shower gifts etc). They work fine as giant jump rings and solve the problem for this project.