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Is there a place to recycle car batteries? Do you get money for it? Answered

Theres a old car battery sitting in my neighbours yard probably not doing any good to the environment. So I thought I would do a favour to my neighbour and the environment by taking it in to be recycled. where might I do that?


WE BUY JUNK BATTERIES & ALUMINUM WHEELS - (317 258-2119), Indianapolis, IN.

Drag it to your local Autozone / Advanc Auto / Canada Tire or whatever. Ask nicely to drop it off. Done it before without a hitch. No cost, close by, feel good about the environment. Same for used oil, etc. Easy Peasy.

Crawdad, look in your yellow pages under "scrap metals (dealers)." Call and ask those folks. If they don't accept it, check the government section under "environment" and look for a hotline you can call about proper disposal of hazardous waste.