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Is there a program-able push button, or can you make one(real life button, not a computer)? Answered

I am wandering is there anything that you can buy a key-chain looking thing that has multiple buttons on it, where you push them it makes a program-able sound. There are things close to what I'm looking for(www.youtube.com/watch,www.youtube.com/watch) but I want to be able to use my own sound files from a computer.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Here are SEVERAL methods you could try... 

1...  Just download a program called AUTOHOTKEY  which allows keyboard keys to be pressed and a sound effect plays of your choosing.  You could even get one of those NUMBER keypads and just use the numberkeys to make sounds and re-do the keytops with other words... such as "BURP", bark, sneeze, carhorn, etc.

2....  Record your sound effects onto a CD as MP3's.. Then place the CD into a player that plays MP3's and has a remote control with numbers 1-10 on it.
this way, all you would have to do is type in the number of the soundfile.  the player will play the effect.  you could have at least 100 effects using this method... and the quality would be good.  Might be a small time delay for player to play it... and you would need a LIST showing which effect is which number... the ADVANTAGE is this method could be FREE if you have a player like this just sitting around

3...  I searched INSTRUCTABLES... and found this:
There are COMMENTS on this easy-button instructable that have good information also. 

4...  OLD tape method.... you could use an old 8track player and record a separate effect on each track of the 8track players tape.  Modify the tape so the tape is very short loop... like 15 seconds.  You might even be able to do this using a CASSETTE tape by making the tape into an endless loop.. and just record your effects onto a very short endless loop tape.  Would only give you 4 effects though. 

5 try searching this board... and hackaday.com


8 years ago

You could hack a few of those recordable greeting cards into a little box together. You wouldn't be able to download the sound files directly from a computer, but you could record sounds off the speakers.


8 years ago

 radioshack sells a recordable audio chip device. it will only allow one sound though