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Is there a proper way to mount a potentiometer to a perforated circuit board? Answered

I would like to attach my potentiometer directly to my perforated PCB, and I was wondering if there is a correct way to do this. I was thinking it has something to do with the tabs.  I know I can just solder wires to it, and then solder those to the board, but I would rather not have it hanging loose. My pot looks exactly like this: http://angela.com/images/products/detail/370430015798.jpg



7 years ago

Here is a pic of how I mount this pot.


Yeah I thought about that, but I ended up just super-gluing it to the top of my board, haha. Nice drawing though.

Thanks, I like your solution better.
In my favor, when I did that, super glue wasn't available.
Here an old dog learns a new trick LoL.

Eastman 910 co$t an arm and 2 legs then haha.

That is a panel mount potentiometer. For board mounting, you want a PCB mount form factor potentiometer if you want to attach it directly to the PCB board.


when I mount pots to a board I usually use this kind, http://www.alphapotentiometers.net/assets/images/3rp1610n-xa1.jpg , that way you can just put the pins straight into the holes on the board.  with the pots you have now I think your only option is individual wires