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Is there a reason drummers set up their kits on a space rug? Answered

It's simply that. I always see drum kits set up on a small rug that they take with them. Why?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Ive come across 2 answers. 1: It stops your stuff sliding around on slippery stage floors 2: It's tape-marked, so wherever you set up your kit you know exactly where to place all your hardware.

as everyone says, to keep everything from moving. unlike what z1ggy says, not all drum rugs are tape marked. my high school's jazz band drumset rug isn't taped, and the closest to tape marked we have are the percussion carts that have ratchet straps to keep the timpanis and auxiliary percussion set ups from falling whie moving pit equipment in marching band.

To prevent the bass drum from running away as your are playing a song.
and to prevent floors from getting scratched.

yo, its so the kit dont skrath the floor, and it makes the kik/bass drum sond better..

The drummers I have been around do it to keep the equipment from sliding around, and it is easy to move as one unit.

To stop it sliding forwards while they play? So their kit doesn't scratch the nice wooden floor? I can't think of any acoustic benefits.