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Is there a recipe for organic fungicide? Answered

I am growing Garlic indoors in potting soil, dirt from outside, and coffee grounds. Fungus is growing.  My Hydrogen Peroxide and water mixture is not able to kill it effectively. I'm pretty sure this is common fungus because I worked on the grounds crew at a golf course for a few years.  Is there an organic fungicide or another solution to this problem? Thanks in advance.



7 years ago

I would agree with rickharris that it sounds like the soil is too wet. Before watering stick your finger into the soil up to your first knuckle. The soil should be just barely wet before you water again. I would also not recommend ever using soil from outside in a container because it won't drain as well and there is a greater chance of disease and insects. Instead I would use potting soil with compost added.
If you need an organic fungicide for anything else liquid kelp can help prevent and eliminate fungus and diseases.
However, if you don't eliminate the watering problem you will still have difficulty.

It's too wet. under normal watering conditions your soil;d won't grow mould or fungus.