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Is there a short range motion sensor that can read a basketball coming right in front of it but not a player nearby? Answered

 I need something that can read and log a basketball coming close to it, but not anything else nearby. I would also like to find out if I could use a second unit of the same product to put under the net to record when the ball goes through. Does anyone have any ideas that might be able to help me????? Any thoughts are much appreciated.


High speed recognition of something red and perfectly round ? Possibly. How far away, and what is it reading ?

How about an RFID tag IN the ball and a reader.

 The ball would come within a range of 2 or 3 inches, all the way to about 1.5 feet away. Basically, anything that can read/tell/identify when a basketball comes directly in front of it or right near to it. It would go just on top of the rim, right behind it. Also, i would like to have something just below the rim to detect when the shot might go in. Perhaps I could have some sort of a lever that gets pushed down when the ball goes in.
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There is an awful attempt at a diagram. its looking down onto a basketball rim, and the X is where it would be located, facing out towards the rim.

This post was aimed at finding the first part (that picks up ultrasonically or whatever), but if there is anything else that ou might know of that could act as a lever, I would be appreciative of any products you may know of that could work! I am very new to this field and have no real knowledge of what would work best. 

Each of these things would send signals to a computer which could log the data. 

Thanks for the RFID thoughts, It looks like a definite option. Someone on a different forum recommended i try a PING))) product. I will definitely look more into the RFID product too. 

Thanks again!!

You can probably do this optically - look for a reflective opto switch or two. One on the rim, one below it. A valid hit is when the rim switch goes, and the below switch together.