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Is there a stop motion app for Mac? Answered

I have been making stop motion for a long time and I have been wondering if there is a stop motion app because my computer has iMovie and it takes me hours to complete a stop motion with no music.(I have an older computer)



Best Answer 9 years ago

You are in luck my man, you have found the king of stop-motion, The applications i use are :
FREE This one works direct from your camera or web cam, its available on leopard or tiger, I use this one and its really good !

DEMO/BUY This one is really easy to use too

DEMO/BUY This one has the most features but is still easy to use.

I would recommend downloading all of them and having a go with them, you will soon find your favorite !

best answer plz :P

Small print might be yes! :-)

I hope you will one day spend months and months of stressful work on something and then have every deem your efforts as not worth paying for - or even stealing them and leaving you with no compensation, then we'll see how you feel about all of YOUR efforts being "free".

You must be a very cool guy to not need to pay people for their work.

'all-free' software for mac is harder to find. That and its immoral.

I did a bit of stop motion using mac laptops a while ago. The software we used was called framethief. I don't know where to get it, but it was fairly simple. (who can miss the big red button that says capture image?)