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Is there a suitable substitute for parchment paper or a silpat baking sheet? Answered

I live way up int he boondocks and want to try a recipe that calls for a silpat  sheet or parchment paper.

Do you know of any reliable substitutes?

The oven temp only calls for 200 degrees.


lol... I "bit the bullet" and used ungreased aluminum foil, dull side up... and it worked just fine for this particular recipe. The foil peeled right off of "it". ;-)

Everyone... Thank you so much for your time!!!

For years and years people just greased the baking tray - Butter for sweet pastry and cooking oil for savoury.

Try a sheet of normal paper, maybe -- as the book says, paper doesn't ignite until about 451 degrees.

If it's just to stop something sticking, lightly oiled aluminium foil should do the job.

I'm concerned "it" might spread and not hold "it's" shape on an oiled surface.

Thanks for the suggestion!