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Is there a video editor and screen recording system out there? Answered

I've been looking to record and edit videos straight from the screen of both my Mac and a PC (Windows, as goes with them), but Quicktime and iMovie aren't cutting it -- Quicktime botches the software while iMovie refuses to work properly under its format (Or something). The PC is even worse -- the software crashes entirely or runs pixel by pixel, and the editor is currently nonexistent. I am in need of a proper software that can record the happenings of the screen smoothly and an editor that can handle the videos. I am not picky on whether the software only works on the Mac or the PC (Free is good, but price is not a huge matter here).

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You will want to use Fraps to record then any video editor will work. Both the MAC and Windows  come with basic video editors.

That is most excellent -- it seems like you read my mind that it was for a video game. Thank you.