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Is there a way I can utilize a Sunsei SE-150 Solar Charger 150mA Trickle Charger to power led lights? Answered

I want to give light to my hydroponic food garden at night and possibly the small pumps.


Yes you can hook up LED lighting to solar cells.

Myself I have a deep cycle marine battery in the basement closet that is being charged by a bunch of these 1.8w solar cells. I think I'm up to 40 watts max right now. And I'm planning on picking up a couple more today.

I have wiring run between the green house where the solar cells are located, and I have the basement wired with 12V accessory ports all over.

To make LEDs that will run off of twelve volts you have to know a little math, and know the LEDs you have on hand, or can get.

I have an instructable that shows how to make a LED lamp (or just the led panel if you want) at https://www.instructables.com/id/12V_LED_accent_floor_lamp/

150mA isn't a lot - what voltage is it? I'm guessing 12v, for a car.

Assuming you get 8 hours of 'peak' sunlight total per day (easy math, adjust for your own conditions)

You get 12v * 0.15a = 1.8 watts.

Assuming 8 hours of sun you get 8h * 1.8w = 14.4 watt-hours. Thats a 15 watt cfl light bulb for about 1 hour at perfect efficiency. One good thing is you wouldn't need much for batteries :S

It's really not a lot of power. This is one of the huge hurdles facing the alternative energy market is it takes a huge investment to get 'a house worth' of electricity out of solar.

so I was thinking today about this and I was wondering if a windmill generator would be a better solution.

Wind is great too, still expensive however. Making your own turbine can be a fun experience; check the green group for some cool 'ibles.