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Is there a way to aircondition a closed in closet for a home server? Answered

 So ive built a simple server, with enough already in it to keep air levels down and keep overheating a slight risk. But its just a little to loud to put in the bedroom, and a little to ugly to put anywhere really. So I decided on the Closet. But I'm not sure on how to keep it cool in the closet...

I was thinking, another DIY Airconditioner unit, but im not sure if that would exactly work. It doesnt get that hot in the Closet, I just need something to generally keep the server cool. It wont have a monitor or anything, and will be running 24/7. All air ports will be kept open. 

PS. It isnt a big server, just a little home networking server to share movies and junk on.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Recirculating the air inside the closet won't do much to cool the computer. 

I had the opposite problem with my walk-in pantry, it got too cool in the winter.  So I bought 2 ac vents at Home Depot. They were about 8 x 12.  I cut a hole, about 6 x 10 in both sides of a wall the was common to the pantry and the hallway.  Installed the screens on both sides of the wall and now the pantry gets enough ventilation that it stays warmer in the winter and probably cooler in the summer.

You could do the same thing and put a small fan in front of the vent to circulate the air so that fresh air was coming into the closet.  As long as the door is not air tight at the bottom you should have good circulation.

.  One vent near floor level and another near the ceiling will allow natural convection and may do away with the need for a fan.
.  The vents could also be installed in the door. You can buy different size vents at most hardware and/or building supply stores.

The door is a great idea.  Then if you didn't need the vent anymore replacing a door is easier than patching sheetrock.

Heck, just point a little desk fan at it. As long as the closet isn't airtight, you should be fine. There's a ton of airspace in there. If you're concerned about the closet maybe needing more ventilation, possibly install an exhaust vent like the ones you usually see in a bathroom.

sure, if you make a manifold to capture the hot air off the back end and port it using insulated flexible ducting.