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Is there a way to automatically forward emails from one email to another? Answered

I got an andriod phone and it seems to not want to support my yahoo email and made me get a gmail. Is there way to automatically forward any messages sent to the old email to my new email?



Websearch "forward yahoo mail".

(Most e-mail services these days have a forwarding mode. Setting it up differs from system to system.)

if you have gmail you can forward emails automatically.
Just log in into gmail, click on settings, click on forwarding and POP/IMAP, click on Forward a copy of incoming mail to and type the e-mail address or phone #, hit save changes and you are done.  Just make sure you have unlimited message plan if you forward them to a cell #.

Yes.  In your Yahoo mail profile, you should be able to find something to say "send all e-mail to ......" or something similar.

There should be a feature in Yahoo mail, have you looked around there?