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Is there a way to curl headphone cords with out ruining them??? Answered

Hello all,,, I was just wondering if there is a way to curl headphone cords with out ruining them?
Like melting the plastic or something...Hopefully we can use the help for my kids DS cords as well.


Not really - They are made like that when the plastic is soft.

You could try wrapping round a suitable rod and warming with a hair dryer but I doubt it will be satisfactory.

You would have to add something to them that would hold the shape.

A) A spiral wire attached in very close spots or wrapped in tape entirely. That could make a large spiral only.

B) Glue or resin covering. I don't remember having my hands on anything that would suit, but if You happen to live in USA or some well supplied area then Your possibilities seem wider than mine. How strong and flexible does Sugru end up? Or some Gorilla glue? If you find suitable material then I would imagine the process like that: wrap few layers of paper around a rod - the resin will defimately stick to it, but paper can be at least partially removed soaking the finished cord in water. Use paper that would easily decay in water and maybe be same colour as resin/cord in case it does not come off. If You want tight spiral then you could put a layer of paper between each round of cord or You could let it cure as one pipe shaped thing and afterwards cut carefully between each round. The shape of the cross-section will be messy anyhow.

Try wrapping the cord around a rod and putting it in boiling water.