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Is there a way to decompile iPhone apps? Answered

I was wondering if there was a way to decompile apps on the iPhone that were made by apple (Clock, Calender, Stocks, etc.) in order to get the Obj-C source code (or any editable code if you cant get the Obj-C).  I can ssh into it to get the binaries, but dont know how to decompile them.  any help would be great.  Thanks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

People use programming languages because hardly anyone can work with machine-code. But the useful bits of language are discarded in the compilation so it's not a reversible process.
Go looking for open source iPhone apps.


trudy m

7 years ago

I have a great deal of experience reverse engineering other peoples' programming work. The previous answers are quite defeatest. There are many advantages to using a decompiler. First, it gives insight into how some program (or os or library etc) works - what the program flow is. Second, you (potentially) get a source which can then be compiled - giving you a working executable - whose source you can refine and/or hack. Third, this working executable can be profiled - eliciting additional information. Fourth, images, translation tables, and strings can be scavenged, because not all of a program is important to the reverse-engineer. You may only be interested in some salient feature - an os call, io operation, optimization etc.


8 years ago

Decompilation is rarely practical. At best you wind up with something unreadable. If the compiler had a decent optimizer, you may not be able to get back to the source language at all.


Answer 8 years ago

.  +1. The lack of labels and names will kill just about any hope of decompiling. If label and name info are included in the binaries (I'm guessing Apple makes sure such info is NOT included with the binaries, but you never know until you try), it will still be very difficult to decipher unless you already know machine language for that system. As orksecurity points out, getting back to any semblance of a high-level language can be all but impossible.