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Is there a way to dye lexan/plexiglass into a translucent green color? Answered

I need to find a way to make lexan/plexiglass clear green. Should I use window tints? Does that come in the color I want? More importantly, does it come in a spray paint? Should I heat up my pieces and submerge them into hot water with the color in the water and let it soak? Should I just paint it? I want to be able to clearly see through it, but I also want a very deep (not dark, deep) green tint to the plexiglass. Can anyone help me?


I would mix a darker color green paint with polyurethane and use that almost as a glaze on both sides. I'd use more polyurethane and less paint in the mix - you'd almost be tinting the polyurethane. I'd go with water based polyurethane, too.

What's polyurethane? I'm not an expert with paints and chemicals... What does it do?

It's used as a sealer in most cases. Kind of a top coat for painted items or wood. :)

I an finding some hits to just adding pigment (dye) to an acetone solution, and painting. I will be trying direct acetone+dye paint process. I have seen references where people dilute the acetone+pigment with water and dunk for a more even dye effect. Note that acetone will dissolve the acrylic, so use only a little and work fast. If it does not work well, I might dissolve some clear acrylic in the acetone with pigment, so as it evaporates, it should trap some dye in acrylic, and stick to the acrylic surface. (Acetone can use used as acrylic cement) Ask me in a few days once my experiments are done.

We've found alcohol inks to be a good way to color acrylic/polycarbonate if you want it to be transparent. You can get them at craft stores such as Michael's. Spray painting is also good, but you won't see much light through it. Back spraying is a really cool effect. If you use the alcohol inks, water is OK, but not alcohol (including hand sanitizer) or windex. We have a plastics factory and have fun figuring out things to do with plastics (other than our usual industrial applications).

You can look at this site. She seems to have accomplished dying Plexiglas. Do not know how big of pieces you want to dye. But at least it is possible. Good luck.

Hmmm, sorry -- here is what she said she did: "Her instructions to dye plexiglass: i just used regular fabric dye and put it in a pot and a SMALL amount of water and a tiny bit of dish soap. i brought it to a boil and left the Plexiglas in the dye for 10 Min. the longer you leave it in the richer the color. then take the plexi pieces out of the pot and put them i n some warm soapy water to clean them off. then lit them dry on a paper towel. tada dye plastic."

Cool. Sounds like it would work...Though, I don't have any lexan to try it on......oh, well. Another time, on another day perhaps. Thanks for your help.

I think it IS possible somehow, but I have achieved a simpler solution to my problem. Because I wanted plastic to be green, transparent, and curved, I'm going to use a green 2 liter bottle. All I'm going to do is cut off the ends, and I'm done! It's way easier to cut, bend, and shape anyway, but nevertheless-thanks for your help!

Candy Green spray paint might be what you are looking for I don't know how well it would stick to your project, so you might have to scuff it up a bit with some sandpaper. Sanding it will reduce the clarity of the plastic though, making it somewhat opaque.

Even though I can't see well through it, I just want a little bit of light from white or green LEDs to show through it. Although, clear would be awesome, I'll try whatever works. What brand of paint is it? Is that just the name of the color?

As far as I'm aware saying candy green is non-brand specific, it would be comparable to saying "flat green" or "gloss green" I think.

i'm no expert on this but as far as i know you can't stain/dye plexiglass. if i wanted to do this i would just use window tints. i just googled "green window tints" and came up with all of these http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=green+window+tints&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 And I did one more search for "translucent green plexiglass" and turns out thy sell it so why not just buy it? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&q=translucent+green+plexiglass&btnG=Search .

Well, I don't really have a lot of money to spend on green plexiglass (especially when I've got three large sheets of the clear stuff), and buying more really isn't an option for me right now (it's a little expensive for my budget). Plus, I need a lot of it. Why not find a way to use what I already have? Besides, it would help the envronment. I thought it was possible to paint plexiglass or spraypaint it or something of that nature. But I'm not sure the paint would stick to it. Would sanding it help? I think they sell paints that are clear(ish) and come in different colors (Krylon-X?)... It's a good idea, but there's gotta be another way.