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Is there a way to embed Audio into an Instructable? Answered

If there is, I would like to know how. I Once I get my newest project "packaged" all nice and pretty, I want to demonstrate the sound quality as opposed to the mere squeak it was before. Before and after pics below...


This is experimaental, it may not work I'm putting in the css Entry>
<Ref href="SONG URL HERE" />
</Entry l surrounded by <&>

<Ref href="http://h1.ripway.com/KAN/Fullgoodpiratesbanjoedited.wav" />
I uploaded a file to ripway a put in the url IDK maybe it will work

And I have successfully added my .WAV digital recording to my latest ible . Thanks everyone for your help.

My conquest to getting audio to play directly has failed... BTW /\ that audio is for my newest instructable though in progress and unpublished

That is fine. It doesn't need to play on auto, I just needed a better way to give access to it then what I experienced with YouTube originally. I uploaded the "video" that was only audio, and a blank screen played through in about 4 seconds, (like it was compressed or something) then ended before the audio came in. It was frustrating.

That is strange... I just uploaded as an image as described above

No, I meant in the past, I tried to record audio using my cam and mic. The video uploaded to Youtube would be out of sync, and I had to render it into a different form in order to get it synched up, but then the quality would suffer. This way appears to work.

Oh... I thought it was strange for uploading an audio with a black backround to not work. But, since that's not the case did yo check your mic volume?

Yeah, it was definitely not synched. The video should have lasted about 20 seconds, but the first upload to YouTube the video lasted 4 seconds, and I heard a slight "blip" as the sound started, and then was cut off. If I don't convert it, it doesn't play, right, and if I do (setting are still wrong I guess), it is bad. I will try the suggestion of MovieMaker next to see if that helps.

Yeah. I see we are both up way past our bedtimes ;) in oh

Well, for me, I had "gotten up" because I was unable to sleep (got about 4 hours of it)....my legs started hurting me again.....I have to get back to the Cardiologist about that. This has only been happening since my double bypass...*sigh*

...my legs started hurting me again...
Elevate above your heart in bed... I'm starting to wonder if I should just suspend them by the ankles from the ceiling. Got stockings? Did they steal a vein from the one leg?

No vein from the leg (which is why this is so weird), but from the local mammary area. There is talk of "nerve damage" that will / may heal and improve over time, but it seems to be getting more troubling. I am definitely addressing this when I see the cardiologist in a few days.

Yeah, the mammary one is the "freebie." Did you have an angiogram, maybe some angioplasty? Two stents two Decembers ago, and the pain isn't at the crotch cut but 3-4 inches down the thigh, started throbbing then kept going for months straight, now it's finally a lot less frequent. Except for the past week, ain't been like this for two months. Keep waiting for the micro-Alien to pop out.

No stents, only the bypass; and the cath was done from the right leg

Yup, right leg is standard. Thought they would have done the angiogram before a bypass recommendation, at which point you were already set up for 'plasty and stents if they thought that would work.

No, the Cath showed them a stent was not really a viable solution. The blockage was at a branch and they were not able to give me a good prognosis on using a stent.

Not that it would have stopped some from trying...

This was my "patient information" for my "informed consent" to getting coated stents: "I can put in the bare metal ones but then I'll be doing this again in a year."

Then with a minimum of web research when I could get to a computer, followed by more official announcements 1 to 2 months later which increased the smell some more, and then came the medical community disclaimer "Stents were never about the quantity of life but the quality..."

The surgery is tough, but at least you're not worried about stents. And I'll spend a long time wondering about microwave sources and strong magnetic fields.

I have WIRE holding my Sternum together....they claim I should not set off metal detector alarms nor will my chest be ripped out by an MRI *shrug* Time will tell I suppose.

You have the advantage of not having metal as part of an electrically-sensitive vital organ than can be disrupted by milli-amps. Slight difference.

Yeah, my mom has wire, shows up good on X-rays. They have other methods that are less disruptive these days, although I still don't know why they don't do what mechanically makes sense and remove the ribcage for access, they've started cutting out a few chunks to get to arteries on the front. And they can fix tendons with carbon fiber, shouldn't that hold together a sternum until it heals?

Well, guess neither of us are in a hurry to join the Tesla Experimenters Club.

Yeah I have heard of other "methods" and the fact that they were mentioned to me, but not used had me confused for a good 2 weeks. Some nurses thought I had been wired, some that I had been glued, one told me to double check with the surgeon in the event I may need an MRI since she had no idea if the magnets would open up my rib cage or not *sigh* Finally I got to see the X-rays and I could see that I was wired up.

I am sooo tired of the nightly leg cramps though and the numbness during the day. Elevation doesn't seem to help, it is more a nerve thing I think, but I will leave it up to the doc to tell me different if it is so.

And yes, I have not plugged in my measly 10,000 V DC power supply since the operation :-) (I do have one, and for the likes of me, I can remember where I got it from LOL)

The nightly leg cramps? You need potassium. For some FDA-thing regular supplements are limited to 3%. Get Morton Salt Substitute, potassium chloride, 1/4 tsp is 17%, little blue table-shaker size, near the salt in the store. Have a glass of cheap semi-salty warm water every other day, cramps go away. Let me guess, water pills, right? Potassium. Your heart would like enough too. Get it, try it, see if it works for you too. And when the doctor mentions it, say bananas may be good for monkeys but you don't need the calories, and who eats potatoes that aren't prepared with extra fatty stuff. You'll stick with the Morton. Actually use it instead of (some) salt, and the doc shouldn't complain at all.

Thanks, I can try. I just found it weird that this occurred AFTER I got home from the 5 day hospital stay. I was on the 1/2 tablet of diuretic long before "going" to the hospital. And I get the cramps in the front of my legs, unlike cramps I occasionally got in the calf of my legs. And that numbness that is constant in the same area in the front of my legs is disturbing. If I sit too long with my leg in a slight cocked to one side position, the area becomes painful all the way down to the knee. I just hope the doctor doesn't give me the same rhetoric I have heard from all the nurses (except the one that said I should definitely ask about it. )

Try leg lifts to get some more blood flow when they first start hurting, just sit upright and extend the lower leg. Now, something you may have not noticed, haven't you changed you sitting posture since the surgery? Perhaps before you were more leaning forward, hunched over, now you're more upright and maybe leaning backwards, arms further apart? Do you sit with your feet on the ground? Before was there more weight on your feet, now there's more on your butt? Small changes can shift where the pressures of sitting press into the leg, thus where and what vessels and nerves are being pressed. You could keep a small box or two handy you can put the keyboard and mouse on, work for awhile standing.

Do you have a dead spot that fails the pin test, you could sink a needle to a nail in there and not notice? Okay, if it was me I'd be ER-now worried, could be a clot. Since yours can at least get painful that's hopeful.

I really think there's something screwy in how the medical community views potassium, as in how any supplement past 3% is prescription. One nurse had me take a handful of potassium horse pills, another gave me orange juice loaded with salt substitute, which really sat well right during the cath. When I first read Dr. Atkins' book he was very keen on getting enough potassium, going prescription if needed. Since it's commonly used in salt substitute, and it's been neither banned nor loaded with warnings due to people dropping dead from potassium poisoning, I don't see what the issue is. There's likely loads of people who could use far more than they're getting now.

How long is this, 3-5 Page Downs? Got a scroll wheel?

Well, today I start my strength therapy, so I will probably be introduced to so leg exercises...We shall see if they help any. yes, I have a scroll wheel ;-)

My lifelong "interesting timing..." When I was working and could get a cheap gym membership, I was too heavy to really do anything, best "aerobics" was treadmill at fast walking, work was more strenuous. Got laid off, went back to school, found Atkins and knew it would work, dropped to 187 from 270 at best, 48 tight to 38" loose in just over a half a year, without additional exercise. Finished school, old job called and I needed income. Few months in, work got thin, got transferred to the "side business," contract work, did the prepping, drilling, and tapping of heavy cast iron pieces for heating stoves, the old building without A/C, for half a year with summer right in the middle, with overtime out the assets. Went back to main building, few months later when it hit, stress-induced minimal-damage "clamp down" type (drove myself to the ER) that nitroglycerin cleared up, showed up my heart was already making its own bypasses, happens with much athletic training. Stents were enough, and I'm doubting exactly how necessary they were, don't use nitro. (It feels so good when angina briefly hits and I can feel those things being clamped down on.) Well, with the insurance I only had the co-pays and deductibles. Good timing all around.

Now my weight's almost back up there, not a "real" job so no insurance, and no time to do much meaningful exercise. My inner carnivore is calling, I must answer to survive.

We are so far off-topic, are we still on the same continent?

Well, I have been able to loose weight by limiting my portion sizes, and working out, however, I also am anxiety ridden and even with medications to keep the worst of it at bay, I am an anxious eater; that is, I feel as though I must eat as much as I can, as quickly as I can, or I will not get enough (up bringing taught me this :-)

Anxious eater? Me too! At least I was. Read here. As the book told me, first few days were lousy, with hunger, as the 2-day glycogen supply in the muscles burned off and the metabolism flipped over to ketosis. And then...

Imagine it, watching as fellow students hit up the vending machines in the morning, then at break, but you ate good last night and can easily hold out for lunch. Then you notice, it hits you, how much you've changed. Imagine it, want it.

Cause and effect gets messed up. Your body signals it'd like some quick energy, go get some carbs, but you're busy. Signal's still there, brain notices, you feel slightly irritated. Signal continues, after a bit you're anxious, ravenous, devour what you can get. And you don't notice the Pavlovian programming you've had all your life, since you were a baby, anxiety = hunger, food takes care of both.

You have to get to the other side to differentiate. I can go a full day without food, more than 12 hrs, before noticing the true rumbling of real hunger. I seem to lack the time nowadays to prepare good meals, and grabbing what's handy is much more convenient, doesn't take long not in ketosis and burning carbs before you're grabbing cookies to shut up the urge. Well, got slow cooker, fridge, and many handy plastic ziploc containers. No good reason to not get to it and start stocking up.

I have been lowering my carb intake for a few years now.

Which helps, but...

Atkins starts with a 2-week induction period to flip your metabolism into ketosis. Only 20g of net carbs a day, a good-sized slice of bread can have that. Around the third day your body burns fat, if there's not enough in the diet it'll take what's hanging on your bones. And the energy... For the first time in my life, I was staying up so late my foggy brain had to realize it was foggy and I needed rest, my body wasn't feeling tired. Your liver takes over and maintains a constant blood sugar level, without the peaks and dips you've lost your normal signals.

Atkins is tough to stay on, normal food gets very tempting. When I flipped over, even tap water tasted sweet and made me crave. It is an addiction to sugar and other quick carbs you can fight all your life. We're not made for the current modern diet, we're supposed to eat carbs and put on weight during the growing season when they're available, then survive on meat during the lean times. Being on Atkins taught me all that, let me realize the problem.

Look, there's one thing we both know, no matter what they tell us, you can't do the exercise to lose weight when you're too heavy to do exercise. Among other things, those people apparently don't understand chafing. I've known people who were certain stomach surgery was the only option, with a 1.5 in 200 death rate and lifelong complications. Atkins can be tough, but it gets you to where exercise and a "normal" diet is a real possibility. And it makes you aware of many things that will help you make smart choices for life. So many people would be helped if doctors would stop with the "Ah! Too much fat!" blanket condemnation, and put people on it at least until keeping it off is finally easy enough to do for life.

You wrote: Look, there's one thing we both know, no matter what they tell us, you can't do the exercise to lose weight when you're too heavy to do exercise.

Although I am a good 80 - 90 lbs overweight, I am completely able to do the rigorous Aerobic exercises they have me do, getting my heart rate up to around 140+ for a good hour total (a month after open heart surgery, they don't want it much highter). I may have been a little lackadaisical in my exercise program before the operation, but I go at it now with a vigor that is a little more then the therapists are comfortable with, sometimes. ;-)

The portion sizes are not that far off from what you mention, in my diet now, but the last thing I need is to go overly radical and create a ketoacidosis situation. The reduction in my weight is slow, steady, sturdy and from what I can tell, the most healthy for me right now.

...I am completely able to do the rigorous Aerobic exercises they have me do...

Good. Besides myself, I've known a bunch of people who couldn't hack it. Safe bet you know some too. Glad to hear you're not in that group. And you're making sure you stay out of it.

...the last thing I need is to go overly radical and create a ketoacidosis situation.
Read that Wikipedia article I linked to, and here's the one on ketoacidosis. It is rare, and an error to link it to ketosis which is natural. If you're neither diabetic nor alcoholic, not dehydrated, your odds of getting it on Atkins are far smaller than those for getting killed in a car wreck. Did they give you the numbers before the cath? 1 in 1000 death, 1 in 1000 stroke. The stomach surgery, which doctors recommend and perform, 1.5 in 200 death. At least with ketoacidosis you should be well aware something is not right long before it kills you. The potential benefits of Atkins far outweigh the risks, which are far better than things the doctors want you to do.

But, eh, long as you're doing something that works for you, and I know (finally!) something that works for me, that's what matters.

It is rare, and an error to link it to ketosis which is natural.

It is rare, at least in the extreme. But going to extremes can increase the probability of it. I am not willing to risk that at this point. There are a lot of other reasons I wouldn't use a "strict" Atkin's diet, but really, my diet is kind of a moderation of it.

not dehydrated

Depends on the time of day, and the day. There are days I forget and go without water (in the heat we are in) for many hours; sometimes almost a full day. It is something else I have to be careful of.

long as you're doing something that works for you, and I know (finally!) something that works for me, that's what matters.

I completely agree. Each individual is different and this does seem to be working for me (and as long as I don't fall back into old "habits", probably the most healthy for me as the weight comes off gradually - and statistics show that a gradual decrease is more likely to stay off, then a sudden drop in weight). :-)

. They told me my wires are stainless steel. Supposedly non-magnetic. I'm guessing any EM field strong enough to cause the wire to heat would also be strong enough to cause other damage.

Steel that doesn't contain iron? That is a new one :-) Speaking of strong magnetic fields, I remember the old HD's of our IBM 4381 mainframe years ago where I work. Open the back, and there was the warning about extremely strong magnetic fields. Kind of a "fatal attraction" kind of thing, eh? :-)

Oh. that sucks... yeah my room was like 85.

My first 4 days in the hospital was like that. The air conditioning was not working well, and I had night sweats all night long.

I suppose Instructables turned off css/html user access...

The only thing I can think of ATM is making a video to embed. =/

LOL at the soldering iron.

Ok, what's so funny about my soldering iron ? :-)

It looks funnyish. Can you take a single picture of it? :-)

Um, sure. It looks funny because of a shock I received from it back about 8 years ago or so (admittedly, I WAS soldering in my bare feet resting on a hardwood floor), so I attached a ground wire from one of the outer casing screws and rand it down the handle (holding it in place with some hot glue) and grounding it to the apartment's radiator. I haven't been shocked since, but then, I may not have been in the first place (I am really skiddish about shocks and sometimes "feel" them even if I didn't received one).

My puter 003.jpgMy puter 004.jpg

PS: I don't recommend using ANY electrical appliance while you are better grounded then it is....putting shoes on is much safer.

Yeah, I've learned that lesson the hard way. I just put on shoes. Your way is much cooler though.

WOW. Why is the handle all weird like that? :P Looks like you need an upgrade... ;-)