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Is there a way to find out how hot my electric skillet is if the temperature dial doesn't say? Answered

I have an electric skillet / stove and it works fine, but the temperature dial does not specify what temperature it is at. Is there a way for me to find out?


I remember when I used to work at Sonic Drive-In they had a thermometer to test the grill surface temperature. It had a flat metal disk on the end where the sensor was.

I assume you could find one of those online or perhaps in a hardware store. They didn't seem like they were too expensive.

There is always something like this too:

If you use a bimetallic thermometer you need to submerge the sensor portion in some liquid like water or oil. The sensor portion is the little notch stamped in the stem. but keep the stem off the bottom if possible.

Water will get up to 212F ish before it reaches the vapor point and the temp stops rising. Oil can get to 350 to 400 before it catches on fire.

A kitchen grade baby dial thermometer is the cheapest at about 2 dollars a piece, and very accurate if calibrated with ice/water. But the draw back is that it only goes to 220F.
In-fared is the next cheapest at 20 to 80 but its not accurate
And if you are really determined a thermocouple is accurate and will get to the high temperatures but its the most expensive at 100 and up

Yes but what is it based on? I can't just drop a thermometer on it! Should I put a pot of water on it and measure the water or something?

Lol I have a feeling this may be a dumb question, but that's ok because I'm about to find out :D

You can just drop a thermometer on it. Get one with a probe.

So just run it with nothing except a thermometer lying on the metal part? That works? :O

. You don't want to run it for very long without some load (cooking oil or, if the temp will be below 100C, water) on it as you could possibly burn out the element. Plus it will help prevent hot and cold spots.

what he said

Any kitchen thermometer will work. You could also get a thermal scanner at most kitchen supply stores or even Home Depot.