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Is there a way to fix a binder ring that doesn't fully close? Answered

I think that we all have had to endure the annoyance of a ring on our binder that doesn't fully close. I am becoming quite impatient with the fact that every time I try to close my binder one of the rings is the slightest bit unclosed and my paper end getting very jumbled. PLEASE HELP!!!!                                



Best Answer 7 years ago

Not really much you can do. The binder use s strip of spring steel to put pressure on the rings so they close tight. If that spring steel gets bent or dented, about the only thing you can do is try to bend the rings a little or replace the binder assembly. The latter usually isn't worth the effort.
Best is to just buy a whole new binder.

Thanks anyway. I suppose I will be getting a new binder!

I don't know how old you are but you're a lot smarter than the average bear. what you said worked. I didn't have two people so I wedged a book between the rings that weren't bent.

thanks for your tip

I had the very same problem, this is what i did.

First open the rings , since all rings move hold open one ring that is ok. With the ring that is broke hold the side that doesn't merge properly. Pull the opposite side until it slightly reaches or goes over the other side. Try to open/close rings to see if it merges ,if not repeat.

?Hope this helps, worked for me? (This requires two people)

Yes I get really anooyed when this happens.
It doe snot matter how much you try to re-align the rings they never align up nicely again.
I have three partial solutions
1 Don't fill the binder up too much as the extra wight puts a strain on the rings
2 Buy 3 or 4 ring binders as they spread the vertical load better
3 There are some replacement ring sets on Amazon, this sounded good, but they are very dear.


7 years ago

Mis-align the rings so they pass by each other, and squeeze them together further than they'd normally go. If this doesn't work then you're out of luck; you'll need a new binder.

Ok I will try this but I have a feeling I will be getting a new binder! Thanks!

This, by the way, is why you should use the levers to open a looseleaf binder rather than just pulling on the rings. Pulling the rings bends them outward and produces this problem; pushing the lever doesn't.

You could try bending it back inward, but as Burf says it generally isn't worth the effort.

Thanks. Yeah I normally just pull the rings to open a binder so I guess i am to blame for that!

Bend, try, repeat until you are satisfied.
But a l0t of paper will bend them wrong again try to store more of it in your head.