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Is there a way to give the K'nex pump action rifle code:OSNJCKMA2 a sear trigger? If there is a way, then please post. Answered



Why would you want to? It works fine the way it is.

Well obviously you built it incorrectly because mine is working super fine. Why don't you tell me what part of it is not working?

What is a sear trigger?

 I think it is the best as the firing pin will keep dead straight when cocked, even with loads of bands! This beans there will be less friction and therefore more POWEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

whats the mech on hiyadudez ww2 springfield called?

It could allow for an functionally equivalent firing pin in a smaller space. Too bad I left all my knex at my parents house for my siblings when I moved out, otherwise I'd still be building these things. :p

DJ you change your pict/avatar regularly rite? nice new one, can't red it but what should I do for my pict? A knex invention or a random picture?

I dont know, I change my picture to reflect my tastes.

MENIME or EMINEW? What? I changed my one, now it's a knex illusion, it looks like one square but its 5!

meh, its actually 6, I tricked you and in that spirit, you replied to me in 1 minute which means 6-5 really is 1! *coincidence*

I mean that the blue rod and the dark shadow makes it look like more than 1 layer. The timing of my comment was really coincidence, If I had been working on my gun when you posted your comment, I would have replied 6 minutes later.

I,s not a shadow, its my foot and the black spots are some weird thing in my carpet, and yes it is clean. Maybe shadow dunno?

it is on the Knex P-90 desechos. it will lock the firing pin/ammo in place and prevent it from moving, a few good examples are the Knex P-90 desechos, the knex corner cutter, and corner crossbow.

Well, if you're good at k'nexing, or at least as advanced as me, then it would be possible. Yeah, like Odin said, why would you want to?