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Is there a way to have an electronic key on my cats collar so everytime she goes in my room a buzzer goes off ?? Answered

I was wondering if you could make an electronic key or something like that so when she crosses or enters the area a buzzer or alarm goes off so she runs away.


Metal collar on the cat and metal detector circuit under a mat on the floor. It would be an easy circuit to build and the sensing coil could be a big oval so that it covered the door.

sweet thanks im going to try that

Another (cheaper) option than RFID is to rig a pair of IR detectors across the doorway, one about 6 inches up, one 3 feet up. Hook them both to a microcontoller like the Arduino. When both are triggered at the same time (by a human) don't sound the alarm, when only the bottom one is triggered sound the alarm. Of course if you have more than one pet this won't work.