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Is there a way to hook up a laptop to a regular CT TV? Answered

I want to watch movies I have on my computer on the TV.



10 years ago

You need to identify whether or not your laptop has TV-out and if so whether it's S-Video or HDMI. If not, it probably has an SVGA port. If your laptop has S-Video or HDMI you need to find out what kind of input your TV can take. Usually it has a COAX (like used for Cable, satellite TV, etc...) type input, or RCA (used usually for video games) inputs. In these cases, you'll need to buy a signal converter box and some cables. TV's sometimes have S-video, and HD tvs will often have an HDMI. If this is the case and your laptop has the same, you just need cables. If you don't have S-video or HDMI outputs on your laptop, you need a VGA-TV converter which will likely be expensive, or you can buy a TV-Out card for your laptop, which will also probably be expensive.