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Is there a way to lengthen the plastic blade of the basic toy lightsabers (about 12 dollars)? Answered

 I like how this particular model retracts all the way into the hilt, but the blade is very short, and in conjunction with my stature it seems even shorter. Holding the toy up to the light I can see that there is a lot of plastic that is behind the other pieces. Is there a way to utilize this and make the blade longer?


I had the exact same problem, theres a style of lightsaber called "force action" with blades that retract into the hilt and spring out with a button. They are very good and come in a good variety of styles, including the rare mace windu replica. Theyve been out a while so they should be as cheap as dirt now. Hope this helps :)

In theory, you could take the blade apart and very carefully sand down the areas that overlap, allowing the sections to extend further before stopping.  Use a very fine sandpaper, and test-fit frequently to avoid removing too much material and having the whole thing fall apart.
In practice, I doubt you would gain enough length to make it worth the trouble, but I've never actually tried it, so what do I know?.