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Is there a way to make a candle scented by my favorite perfume? Answered

I have a perfume that smells AMAZING that I'd love to put into a candle to scent my bedroom. Do I just pour in a little when I pour a candle?


Depends on how volatile the components of that perfume are... they may or may not be captured by the wax and may or may not like being released by heat -- but yes, basically the concept is: Melt wax, let it cool as much as it can while still staying liquid enough to pour, mix scent into wax, stir, pour candle.

I'd suggest experimenting with cheaper scents before committing anything expensive. And I'd suggest trying small batches before larger ones, to get an idea of how much is needed to obtain the desired results. Given perfume prices, the cost may be prohibitive.

It'd be worth a shot. Most perfumes are alcohol and oil - both should be soluable in wax. If not totally soluable, then add a little fragrance to the wax, then keep it melted/ warm (over 55celcius not too high though) and the alcohol which might not 'dissolve' should flash off.