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Is there a way to make a custom seatbelt chime that only comes on when you turn the car on? Answered

I want to make the car say "Welcome Commander" when I turn on my car.  I have been looking for custom seat belt chimes but have not been able to find any. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Radio Shack has a little device that you can record a 20 second message and when the switch is closed it will play back the message.

Get one of those, record your message.  Tap into a power wire that is only hot when the key is on.  Wire the switch permanently closed.  You need to regulate the 12 volts from the car down to what ever the device needs.

Now when you turn the key your message will play.

Fantastic stuff - some car stereos have audio input and an override line (like when a phone call comes in, it overrides the music).  Have it while playing close the override circuit and play through the car speakers.

Yes, and the passenger belt can say "Wise move baby, you're in for a bumpy-ride"...