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Is there a way to make a fencing foil with spanish grip very cheap? Answered

I want to fence but I want to make my own sword. I have tried forging one but that does not seem to work (It does not bend is snaps in two). I want to make one with, strong, light, durable, and flexible material. Is there anyone out there who would know how to make one? It does not have to be electric. Also I don't want the pistol grip or the french grip i want to toledo spanish grip.



If it has 2 fold symmetry, and you add sensors, you could flash the LED 4 times and make the effect brighter

I know that they should be treated with care. I am a safe kid I make sure i do not do things to foolishly. And what do you mean end lecture!?

People generally complain when they get the "safety" lecture but experience and a long life and a wonderful learning tool. Hence the "safety lecture"

To expand on my personal experience I watch a colleagues in my team take part in a foil match. He saw an opening and lunged forward but misjudged the distance, the blade bent and broke and his momentum pushed the blade through his opponent front to back, fortunately just through his left lung rather then his heart.

His opponent had the presence of mind to gasp "your point" and he collapsed.

He was OK after a short stay in Hospital.

I still think to gain anything from fencing you need training properly.

Not really - depending on the skills and equipment you have - the blade will need carefully tempering, in fact commercial fencing foils are designed to break if bent a long way and then snap flat across the blade so they don't break with a sharp point. This isn't easy to do.

IF your going to fence it does need to be electric i am afraid or you won't find man opponents. Join a fencing club near you they will load equipment to get you started and train you, believe me your going to need the training.

Most fencers use an orthopedic grip these days to avoid getting the blade knocked out of their hands.

HOWEVER nothing to stop you making anything you want.


(former RAF coastal command Epee team member)

Land sailing, electric vehicles, and now fencing.

When they changed the foil rules to No riposte without a right-of-way following a valid parry, it ruined the fun of the sport for me.. I believe the combat nature in days when men wore blades did not follow right-of-way....

Man of many experiences! It was I admit 40+ years ago. We won the RAF command championship that year as a team, I have a rather nice trophy somewhere. I fenced Epee so pretty much anything goes much more like a dual.

Thanks I do know what they are called (don't forget there is also a saber). I also know that to fence you need the electric but for this i want it for practice at home and for fun.

If you want to practice at home then hang a curtain ring from the roof and practice lunging and getting a blade through the ring every time. this is about the only real practice you can do without an opponent.

Practicing fencing without the correct weapon and the correct safety equipment is foolish and dangerous. I have seen people wearing all the right gear stabbed through and through with a broken blade in contest believe me you don't want that at home.

The foil even though not sharp is a weapon and like a gun should be treated as one, with respect and always used correctly.

Join a club
End lecture.

A saber, pirate or early American cutlass, Japanese Samurai Katana medieval broad sword or Roman Gladius are all slashing sword weapons...

Fencing can be compared to a lightning fast chess game... Granted foils and swords each have a necessary skill set to be successful.. A foil user can easily learn to use a sword while It is almost impossible to go from saber fencing to foil or epee...

In sword play it is who is faster and stronger but not always smarter who wins...

Don't get me wrong but forging steel is one thing, forging a good blade a whole different game but forging a fecing foil is over the capabilities of most smiths I met, and I met a few...
As the others said a club is your best option, both for safety reasons and for proper training.
If it is just for home use against dummies or friends a simple plastic tube with aluminium foil or conductive paint will be enough for electric triggering.


2 years ago

Its called a foil = flexable rectangular blade practice weapon

or an epee = stiff triangular blade killer weapon

a sword = a flat blade for slashing and required by Germanic people to acquire the mandatory facial scar...

You need to temper a blade, in my opinion an epee will win all comers.

And a Toledo Spanish grip will destroy your hand.. Best you start with a foil and a standard grip they have a slight S curve that fits well in hand..