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Is there a way to make el wire with individually addressable segments? Answered

My goal is to make part of a costume for halloween (or whatever) as a spectre from starcraft 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9WScX9wqVM).

An analogous system would be like the VI (audio level?) meters made from nixie tubes where segments can be addressed individually - except I'm interested in something flexible.

I was thinking about trying to make my own wire in the fashion that jeriellsworth builds hers... although I'm not sure I understand how to power the outer wires or how to wire them in a way to make individually addressable segments.  Is this project idea just too nuts to try to incorporate into a costume?



You'd do it with a bank of triacs, and a computer to sequence them all. EL wire is driven by reasonably high voltage AC, which is pretty easy to switch. I'd use opto-isolated triacs, like the MOC3041, for safety.

You'd have to wire each segment separately.

You might be better off with LEDs as that much EL wire will cost.