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Is there a way to make your Guitar Hero WT Drumkit powered through USB? Answered

I'm burning through batteries here on GH Metallica. I play at least 6 hours a day (Reason behind this : Getting my left leg into shape for my real drum kit. Visual aid helps a lot.) and I'm just murdering batteries left and right. Is there a way to like connect some wires and crap and plug it to the 360 so it's usb powered?


Except that the battery packs for Guitar Hero are completely useless. The Les Paul guitar needs two AA batteries. The battery packs only have one battery. Two AA batteries should have 4 connection points. The rechargeable battery packs only have 2 connection points.

it could be possible to make a battery + battery cover shaped insert for the bottom of the battery compartment with power connections wired to a usb cable. Why not just use rechargable nimh batteries? they're not very expensive, and are reusable hundreds of times.

I'd love to get this too, but what I'd really wanna do is bypass the RF circuit altogether and wire it up via USB instead. Hating the lag.

I dont think you'll see too much difference in wired versus wireless. - either way the signal has to be encoded to some form of serial, either wired or wireless, then decoded at the other end. That said- a wireless controller even when plugged in still uses the wireless. No love.

I just modded a play and charge device into my guitar. That was pretty simple and looking at the PCB I 'think' I saw the connectors for wiring a USB cable. Though I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the PCB of the drum brain section to make it wired.
I really think there will be a noticable drop in lag and my main reason for this is to use the PS3 GHWT kit on my PC as a drum controller in Cubase, but with real time sounding for jamming and recording sessions. Space and cost are issues, therefore this is next best option. I have the interface software in place by a guy called Magnus,

The play and charge ISN'T an Xbox one btw, it's an official Guitar Hero one that connects up via mini USB then the battery pack just fits into the AA socket, therefore negating AA requirements. We picked ours up in Poundland (yea ano!), but I can't recommend anywhere else outside of UK, soz. I also opened another one up and stuck it inside my Bluetooth BD remote!!! That was more challenging as the battery compartment was shaped to accept only AAs.

That lag is huge on my wired set too. It's simply a fact of the computer is not quick enough to sample drum sounds efficiently enough. I use the ps3 rb1 drum kit version with usb wired drums. I play several instruments, and my timing is pretty sharp (along with years of DDR expert :)) That lag is almost impossible to deal with.