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Is there a way to make your own version of an EZ-Bake oven? Answered

I know these things are cheap, but I was wondering if it's possible to make a homemade version of the popular EZ-Bake Ovens. Obviously you'd have to use an incandescent bulb and not the modern and energy-efficient CFLs/LEDs.


They are marketin' an "adult" version here in th' UK that uses a halogen bulb fer heat ! 

EZ-Bake Ovens use low-wattage incandescent bulbs (no more than 25 watts) and rely on the food's proximity to the bulb (as well as special formulations for low heat) to help it cook.  The aluminum foil-lined box should work okay as long as the food is held directly over the bulb.

Howz about a surplus ammo box laid on it's side for the oven ?
One or two 500 watt work light bulbs for elements.
You would probably have to remove all the paint, so it wouldn't burn,
and then repaint with hi temperature paint.
Just a thought........

Get a card board box and line it with foil then place a light bulb in side.

Obviously watch it so it dosent burn your house down but it shouldnt catch

get some heat-proof building supplies and build a box with a light bulb inside