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Is there a way to organize my ible image library? Answered

Is there a way to group images in my library? Is there a way rename or re- tag them?



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You can re-tag (assuming you mean the keywords you can enter when you upload). Select the photo in your library and look at the bottom of the right hand side bar. See the attached pic.

tag edit.png

I'm sorry to be so dense, but I really need the idiot's version of how to do this. I went to my library... clicked on a picture... see the orange name... and???? How did you get 'edit'? How did you get your image to stay open and not just go back to the library the moment you moved the cursor?

Aha! Gotta click on the file name!

Oh, that's new since last I looked!

Yes organize your photos before you upload and then upload you photos in bulk.

First go into your files in your computer and rename your photos so they are in the order you want.

Then go into your profile and click on your “Image Library”.

Then click on “Choose Files”.

When the files window comes up go to the file with the photos you want to up load.

Highlight all the photos you want to upload, you can do this one photo at a time or multiple photos.

Once you have the photos selected the upload will ask for “Tag File As” enter the name you want.

Then click on “Upload Files”

Now here is the kinky part.

When you go to make your Instructable.

If you ordered your photos with the first photo first and your last photo last, when you go to make your Instructable and you click on “Your Library”, your first photo will be last and your last photo will be first.

This is because your library shows you your library from last photo uploaded, and when you load in bulk it uploads in order so the last photo loaded is the last photo.

So name your photos in reverse order or select them and load them in reverse order.

That’s what I do.


That's when you upload them - the author wants to be able to sort them into folders, or to change the keywords after uploading.

You can edit your Instructable at any time, and match it to your library.

It is a lot of work but it can be done.

Re upload all your photos.

Edit all your Instructables delete old photos and add newly uploaded photos.

Then delete old files from your Image Library.

There you have it new tags and everything.

I wouldn’t do it considering I have over 800 photos in my library and 44 Instructables attached to them but it can be done.

Sorry, no.

There ought to be, but there isn't.