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Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ? Answered

Please help me with that:

Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ?

I'll accept any price


There is no way to pay for a membership by SMS.

Even if you could you would need a phone with a browser in order to see the mobile site...and if you can see the mobile site on your current phone then you can use the secure payment options we have on the bottom of the page to go Pro: https://www.instructables.com/account/gopro

I think this is a member trying to avoid needing a credit card to pay - any secure online payment requires, at some stage, a credit card as part of the process. Paying by SMS, though, can avoid credit cards because you can buy top-up vouchers with cash.

A thought for the accountants - payment via SMS is probably easier for members in areas with less well-developed infra-structures. East Africa springs to mind, as there are a lot of people there with better access to the mobile web than to banks.