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Is there a way to "rename" my hard drive so the computer thinks its a different letter? Answered

To be more specific. I need to "rename" the "C" drive (alternate hard drive) to think its the "D" drive (currently the 'core' of my OS) Is this possible?



Best Answer 9 years ago

This link should help you: Support.microsoft.com/kb307844 It has how to change the drive names, and much more information. Hope I helped!

unfortunately this wont work, this method does not allow you to change the path of the Main partion of windows. (the D drive is my main partion and i want to call it C which is partioned to a different OS (untill i format it) so this is gonna taking some "hacking" i belive...

Well, the best of luck for you. If this is the case it seems even an open source is would need to be "hacked". Let me know if this works out for you, I may want to try it...

roger that dude, thanks for the help

In Windows: control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management That is where you can swap around drive letters. I don't know if it will let you change the name of the boot drive though. I doubt it.

Yeah, it says you cant modify the 'boot' or 'system' drive :(

Like the plumber says, it should be easy enough to boot onto the XP partition (it's the same physical drive?). Hitting some button as it boots I think, or booting it off the Windows disk? L

You can also set it up in your system bios. I have to do this as my boot drive would be drive D: if I didn't, and it wouldn't boot up. Also this can be used to switch operating systems, on the same computer, it's kinda like having 2 p.c.'s in one!

yeah i know, im running Windows 95 and Widows XP. 95 is on the C drive but probably unuseable as a formated most of the drive. I plan to get rid of it, because the D drive is smaller so if i can make my D drive the C drive, then i can create a ghost of it and put it on the C drive (hopefully)