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Is there a way to remove Titanium Dioxide from a soap? Answered

It's a weird colored soap, and noticed titanium dioxide in the ingrediants. Can't this be used in pyrotechnics?


Titanium dioxide is used as a white pigment in everything, in addition to being used as sunscreen, industrial catalyst, and medical device coating.

Your soap is likely to have only a trace of titanium dioxide, whereas looks like you can buy a whole pound on Ebay for $13, including shipping. That said, trying to extract the pigment from soap might be an interesting chemistry exercise in itself. Titanium dioxide is insoluble in water, so some boiling salt water just might coax it out of the soap, allowing you to pour off the water.

Titania isn't much use to you in pyrotechnics, about as much use a sand in fact. Don't bother. L