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Is there a way to remove the gigantic Instructables header that does nothing but waste space? Answered

Do I just have to use that webmonkey plugin for Firefox, or is there a simpler way to do it? Adblocking the image seems to do nothing.



You mean the header with the links to your customized account options, to the main areas of interest, and to the topical collections of Instructables, not to mention the search box? That's the header that does nothing but waste space? No, there is no way to "remove" it, unless you want to develop your own equivalent Web site to Instructables (including hiring the necessary staff to operate it), and use slightly modified server-side software to generate pages without that header.

 :\ It _should_ be a simple matter of a very small greasemonkey script using function toggle_visibility and, well, toggling it. Sadly, I have known inanimate objects that know more javascript than I. (Bottom line, working on script, but no promises. ;) )

On my screen, it's not _that_ bad a waste of space. I grant that it could be an issue if you're trying to view the site on a palmtop or netbook with limited resolution; I don't know whether the Instructables folks have code to adjust its presentation in that case or not, but if they don't that would be a worthwhile bit of web-code to add.

It would be more hassle than it's worth.
The bit you don't need to see is in the page source of everything. To take it out you'd have to build your own specific plug-in for the browser to take it out. And if the page source changes, you'd have to rebuild it.


  I can't think of any easy way. I agree, the banner is too large. I've often wondered why the designers did it that way. Type CTRL u and you'll see the page code, which looks like a combination of Javascript, CSS, and HTML. On the left edge there are line numbers. Look for line 348--that seems to be where the header starts.

In theory, it should be possible to write a program to block unwanted displays, but it would be complicated.

Scroll down the page and the banner goes away.

well, since you're using firefox, look up Gresemonkey in the add-ons for FF. There is a tutorial somehweres (Youtube) that shows how to remove all the crap from myspace's home page which could easily be used for this application.