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Is there a way to reprogram stuff like NDS or PSP to work like a computer? Answered

I am looking for a way to reprogram something, or just to build something from absolute scratch. So if ianyone has any tipss on computer chip production, programming for an os or how the hell touch screens work


What... exactly do you want?
You'll not do it unless you've a very clear idea of whatever the idea is.


The idea is a way to reprogram a Ds or PSP as a small computer, using a cartridge or lil disk thing as memory. But I want to figure out if there is any way at all to reprogram one before i start writing an os for it

Very hard work.
Unless you've written full OS for something, you should forget it. I've seen people's study notes on machine-code etc, it's horrible...


well even without the project, i am still looking for like a study course on writing programs. I have many ideas for programs and applications i have not seen done yet and would like to start making them, any idea on where to get something that might hlp the starng proces. I have done some coding before and understand alot of the basics, i just need like something to get me started. I could really use a tutor to give me a project and a coding list for how to make stuff work and let me tinker with it. so i can learn not only the coding but how it works. I have done actionscript completely self taught, but i cannot learn it fast enough

What do you like as a programming language / what have you used?


The only languages I have every used are Actionscript (flash) and HTML. I am decently Fluent in AS but barely know HTML at all.