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Is there a way to solder aluminum together other than using adhesives? Answered

I was planning to do this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Crystal-Ring/   and i planned to use aluminum wire that i pounded flat, since i have a hard time finding other materials suited for it but when i tried to solder it with silver solder the aluminium smelted first.
next i tried to heat the whole ring and then drop a bit of smelted aluminum wire into the little gap wich worked better but not perfect.
Any ideas to solve this?


There is a product, flux and alum

Aero Solder for Aluminum
"In early June we came up with a new solder for aluminum, Aero Solder, and it flows and bonds very well and quite easily. 1100, 3003, and 6061 are perfect alloys, but stay away from 5000 series because the flux will not handle it. The flux is non-corrosive and so no cleanup is required. Beautiful smooth joints just like copper pipe are possible, and it melts at 780F. Kit contains 2 oz. of flux and 42" of solder wire. It will also join copper to aluminum. - More Info -

Item # Description Price Qty
ABS-0063 Aero Solder Kit (Aluminum) $35.00 "


7 years ago

Well thanks to steveastrouk, I went to Harbor Freight where I found and bought 8 alumi-weld rods.

If Ichmawida agrees to let us know how it worked, I will happily send him 2 alumi-weld rods all the way to Hamburg Free!
Instruction included.

Just P.M. me your address.


It oxidises at the merest sniff of oxygen....

If you are in the USA, Harbor Freights sells alumi-weld rods which will solder aluminium.


Yes Thanks,
I have not $pent as much time as I used to at Harbor Freight.


Not really - glue is your best option.


7 years ago

I don't think aluminum wire is near pure aluminum.

Even a Heli-Arc with covering gas to avoid oxidation, melts thin Al segments.
Some years ago, I got some kind of metal rods that worked at soldering to Al but don't remember a the name.

My hands have a tremor and some of my engineering friends have suggested that I shake enough to dislodge the oxide layer that naturally sits on Al as a cause for my success at soldering to that metal :-)