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Is there a way to use a Cannon Bubble Jet printer as a scanner? Make a scanner cartridge? Answered

There is a model of Cannon printer where you can purchase a scanner cartridge to replace the ink cartridge, transforming the printer into a scanner.  However, I do not have that model, so I'm wondering/hoping that since THAT printer can be used as a scanner with only the simple replacement of the ink cartridge, maybe there's a way to use my current, ancient Bubble Jet as a scanner, also. Thanks in advance. 


Haven't heard of the scanner adapter; can you post a link to it? It seems vaguely-possible-but-unlikely as a simple plug-in unit.

Assuming it does exist... Given that the cartridges for different printers are different shapes, and that the cartridge needs to tell the printer it isn't empty or the printer won't "print", I suspect you'd have to find whoever made this and find out whether they make a version for your printer.

Frankly, given how cheaply flatbed scanners can be had these days, I'd be a trifle surprised if anyone was making such a scanner cartridge. The complications involved in making it work, the slow scanning speed compared to a real scanner, and the problems of getting decent registration and resolution all make it something that I can see someone hacking together but that I can't see anyone marketing.

Hello, orksecurity. Here is a link to the cartridge:


In case the link gets wonky, the cartridge is a Canon IS 12 Image Scanner Cartridge.

I have a flatbed scanner that works just fine, but trying to scan a massive amount of paper ain't gonna be happening if I have to do it page-by-page.

(My next question to post will probably be: Can I use a fax machine as a scanner?)

Fascinating. No clue about the answer to your question. Ask the manufacturer, but I'd bet they'll tell you "buy a new printer".

...Are you sure you aren't misreading an ad for one of the all-in-one units which puts a printer and scanner in the same case with completely separate mechanisms?

Canon did this for their range of "portable" bubblejet printers, it was not simply a cartridge that turned it into a scanner but was still very simple. You clicked out the print head (which had the the ink tanks clicked into that) and dropped in a scanner head.

Because the print head is low and wide (sits flat) in a portable printer this left a lot of room to accommodate the scanner head. From memory the desktop Canon bubble jet printers had the ink tanks sitting upright and as for as I know no such accessory was released.


I can't imagine an inject printer being built with that functionality, no.
Are you confused around the consumables for e.g. the Canon Color Image Scanners?


Hi, lemonie. No, it's a "stand alone" printer. I'm posting a link to the cartridge in the reply to the orksecurity, one message below you. :)