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Is there agood knex gun that can shoot thick rubber bands(the one in the picture)? Answered

I just want a gun that can shoot more of them.
1 trigger pull, 1 elastic relased, and then the next pull another on is released.
I ve made the gnasher shotgun, but that one was not able to shoot these thick elastics.



Not amazing but the only decent looking one with instructions.


7 years ago

gunzo the greats semi auto rbg, its pretty reliable and powerful


thanks for the link, but it's not what I'm looking for.
It looks flimsy and not strong enough.
Have you seen the gnashers shotgun, I am looking for a gun like that.

sorry well i have a ak74 but not posted but you should check to see if you can build from the pictures or


um here scroll the pics til you find it


The link is just a gun with 2 red gears
1. I have one gear
2. I am not able to hook up the big elastics.
so i am looking for a gun with a snowflake cog weel, like the gnasher

ok then sorry again and my bren is ment to shoot a projectile using a rubber band or it could be a normal rbg with some mods