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Is there an amateur way to fuse silver and organic objects to make jewellery? Something interesting? Answered

I would like to make rings and pendants/charms - I want to use silver and organic objects. I didn't study jewellery so I am looking for some way that isn't to technical and that is mildly cost effective. Anyone?

Would be much appreciated! ;)



Make pendants with decoupage (gluing bits on) or imbeding in resin. 

Wire wrapping. 

Commercial ring bezels.

You can make a HHO Torch.

Better question is 'How?"  Even professional rigs don't try to claim that they can do casting.

You might look into sand casting. That's probably the lowest-tech and least equipment-intensive way to make rings and pendants out of silver. All you really need is a sand casting frame, a crucible, an oxy/MAPP, oxy/Propane or oxy/Acetylene torch, some casting sand, some silver, a little borax, a little mold parting powder and something to make a model to take a cast of (I use Sculpey, or occasionally found objects). You can get everything you need from a jeweler's supply shop or a well-equipped lapidary shop, and it really doesn't cost all that much.
Some natural objects can be used as models to cast from, and certain of the more heat-resistant stones can be cast directly into a piece or silver. Very thin objects (i.e. leaves) don't cast very well, but I've made some very nice casts from acorns, seashells, stones and tiny little pinecones. It really just depends on what you want to make.

What sort of "organic" - wood / leather? You need to say more about what it is you want to do with the materials if anyone is to answer this effectively.


I'm not sure what you want to do.  Can you find an example of what you would like to make?  Or can you draw what it is that you'd like to make?