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Is there an easy and safe way to trim/grind the edge of a glass plate? Answered

I'm trying to fit a pre-cut mirror glass (rescued from a $5 Wal-Mart mirror) into the back of a shadow box.  The mirror itself is not quite square, so there is one corner and part of the adjacent edge which won't quite fit into box (about 0.5 mm overlap).  If this was wood or plastic, I'd grab some sandpaper and bring the edge down to fit.  Is there an equivalently easy, but safe, method for doing the same with glass (3 mm thick)?



Best Answer 5 years ago

I'd just put my goggles on and then have at it with a dremel grinding bit, or even just a piece of carborundum paper.

It worked fine on the tubes of my "4am glass robot".

Woot! It worked perfectly, Kiteman. Thanks!

Diamond cut-off wheel for an angle grinder, running wet ? ANy friends with lapidary saws (thin diamond blades) ??
1/2mm will take an age to sand off

Thanks, Steve. I've got two people I can ask, but I don't know anyone who does jewelry work.

I was hoping to get the shadow box completed before my wife got back from her trip, but this ill-fitting corner put an end to that :-(

glass wet-sands very nicely; I'd be extra careful about safety glasses AND a respirator; glass dust in your lungs is just as bad as your eyes :) Glad it worked!

Hmmm....this gives me an idea. There exist diamond disks for Dremels. Safe or stupid?

Safe: see if they'll run wet or at least lubricated. Otherwise overheating might crack the glass.

(You're welcome.)