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Is there an easy k'nex pistol that is (preferably) easy to conceal and uses minimal pieces and a true trigger? Answered

Hey, I'm nex to Instructables and have been looking for a simple,small,realistic,somewhat powerful(30-50' angled?)k'nex sidearm.Please help.


The HTP (Hiyadudez Turret Pistol) is good Knexfreek's desperado is awesome! And the NB-4 by viccie is quite good If you want single shot go with KSC'S Mr. Doomsday pistol Hope this helps

 I've got a pistol what looks realistic and hass A true trigger and the range is like 40-50 with 2 regular Bands.
I will post the Ible later.

if your looking for a replica you wont find much, however search "oodammo pistol" and pick any one that you like the look of, they're all good.

Well it depends on how large you want it.
The smallest and still reliable repeater would be my Nano Gun. It's pretty weak though and only holds 3 pieces of ammo. Very easy to conceal though.

A still pretty compact but chunkier pistol would be my Mini-er TDS or the Colt .25.

It may be more difficult to conceal but a still decently compact and semi automatic is my SYCAMORE. You'll have to figure out how to build it yourself from the pictures. It doesn't get very good ranges but hey, it's semi auto.

If you want a single shot then you can try this. It's incredibly small so it'd be easy to carry several of these.

Or if you want something stronger you could make one of the thousands of small block trigger guns we have.

If none of those work for you though I could probably make something custom for you.