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Is there an easy mod to the phat PSP that a new guy could do? I am looking for a hardware mod.? Answered

I am looking for a hardware mod. I do not want to mod software atm.



dude this mod is very simple and can be completed in a few hours http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hznYOvR070Y&feature=grec_index

How about putting winblows on it via usb?

brah, I don't think so. my friend had one of the slim PSP's in 7th grade (he had the original Mario on his PSP). I wanted him to mod my PSP so that it had Mario on it also. I gave it to him over the weekend. he said that the battery had 2 be opened up. He said that he was opening the battery with a flat head screwdriver. He said that when he got the flat head in there, the battery started to hiss. He threw it out of his window, and he said it just blew up!!! WHAT THE F***K!! I thnk that it can't be modded.

1. why would you need to open the battery casing to do a software mod 2. i dont believe that a psp has the ability to explode, maybe spark a bit and burst into flames but not explode.

No,he was making a pandora battery from the Li-Ion battery.Li-Ion can explode in the case.

rofl, I do not want to mod teh battery. I want a hardware mod, not a software mod. You didnt read my question.


9 years ago

You could try replacing the screen, I haven't opened up my PSP; most of the things that I open break; but I believe that it would be easy enough, or you could replace the spring in the memory drawer, so that it shoots the memory card out at high speed!!

You're kind of thinking backwards here. In general you have a problem you want to solve and then, create a project to solve it. So are you just wanting some kind of hardware modification to say you did it, or are you looking to solve a specific problem by applying a hardware modification? For instance, you might want to improve your backlight, increase your wifi range, add battery life, etc. Those are problems that might be solved with a hardware modification. But to just ask for a hardware modification without being specific makes it hard for the community to suggest things.

well, it doesnt matter what mod, as long as its hardware. Probably something to do around the memory card slot.

Why not use the solar mod for the DS but do it for the PSP instead, im sure there isn't much difference.