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Is there an easy way to convert a composite or SVHS signal to use a lcd tv as a tv monitor? Answered

basically i want to use an old LCD monitor as a tv... the monitor only has DVI and RGB in the form of a 15 pin HD sub D connector. (like 90% of the computer monitors out there)...  I know that there are expensive "upsync" converters but I want to be cheap...ah hmm frugal... I was wondering if anyone has discovered a cheap way to hack it.


Search eBay for LCD monitor tuner.  There's tuner boxes that have VGA passthrough, so you can still use the monitor with a computer.  They have a tuner for cable or broadcast analog TV, and usually RCA and/or SVideo baseband inputs.  They're cheap; $30 shipped from Hong Kong.  You may find similar boxes at local computer dealers or liquidators... I once saw one at a store like Staples.

What is your source? If it outputs S-Video I'd expect at least one other format.
Can you be super-specific on the LCD - make model?


If you get a DVD recorder, you can put in Composite, and the DVD recorder will output an RGB signal

then get an RGB to VGA adapter