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Is there an effects pedal to lower the octave that you are playing? Answered

I know it must exist, but I'm unfamiliar with effects pedals. I'd like to be able to lower the octave at will.


Yeah, a pitch shifter will do that, but you'll likely be disappointed. Thing is, pitch shifters do fine with higher tones, (they track the input tone with very little or no perceptible delay), but they have a ~significant and very perceptible delay between your input (strum, keyboard press, etc.) and their output for shifted tones lower than the input (i'm too lazy to explain the reason), which means you have to get used to the device producing sound a couple hundred msec or so *after you hit the note.

For me, the novelty wore off very quickly. I advise that you *not waste the ~$100 and save a bit more to buy a bass guitar.

At the risk of making you mad and not getting "best answer" I have to say, G00gle it.  Use "octave effect pedal", and you'll see that they are indeed many of them.  They are also called pitch shifters.