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Is there any Good Free photo or video editting software? Answered

Anyone know any sites for good free video or editing software?


I can recommend the photo editing software. Paint.net is easier to use. GIMP is more powerful. Picasa is extremely easy, but best only for simple touch-ups.

I do not do video editing, but my first stop for searching would be the list of non-linear video editors on SourceForge.

Handy tip: When you want something free or cheap on the Internet, do not ever type 'free' or 'cheap' into the search engine.

Gimp is amazing and for free. PS is better but a few hundred dollars. Stick with Gimp.

Video is my thing. I use final cut pro, but debug mode wax is the best free program. Animoto is free for most features, but limited otherwise.

Free does not equal bad. But paying an extra fifty dollars (sony vegas) will make your videos professional.

Gimp (gimp.com I think) is a strong runner for photoshop, though it's not as user friendly. picassa also does some photo ediing. also take a look at download.com and there are plenty. gly

Google Photoscape. Its pretty good, and is very easy to use, I caught on in like 10 minuets.

if you have a Mac then the app. Color it! works pretty well for touch up and just about whatever you want to do. For videos... I don't know about editing but if you want to put pictures to a video then the website Animoto.com works and is free.