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Is there any K'Nex Semi-Auto Pistols? Answered

I Wanted to dual-wield/akimbo a knex pistol or something.

Any good ones?

PS: Does any1 know a way to make the Kinetic Rifle use less pieces or know when knexfreek will post his gumball machine instructions.

Thaaanks mm8


Im working on an 8 shot semi auto shotgun revolver! It's gonna be awesome :)

I'm in need of an auto rotating mech for the revolving part...

I might give up and make a different gun...

I'll tell you when i finish it (if i do)


Eh, I guess my semi auto would work there but, like all semi auto pistols, it had bleh range. Look through my threads for the SYCAMORE.

I Know it. I don't have a spring though, nevermind.