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Is there any existing street lighting that uses perpetual motion as its energy source? free energy would be good right?? Answered

Free energy in street lighting might be better than solar energy in street lightings. It just need to have a time schedule in order for it to switch on at night and switch off during the days 



7 months ago

I forgot about this one ---


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The other one didn't work

for free street lighting, instal skylights on poles. Sunlight will stream thru the skylights to the street.

But perpetual motion is not a practical solution.


7 months ago

Big Bang was free energy but in the end it will runout !

If we can agree that there is no such thing as "free energy" but instead "cost free energy":
There have been experiments to use rows of piezo elements on the road to generate electricty while providing traffic data at the same time.
But if you want to use what you specified in your request then first we need to find it, then we might be able to make use of it.

There have been experiments in the UK to extract energy from passing traffic to drive local lighting.

This can be vehicles or people.

For rural traffic signs here in the Uk is is fairly common to see then wind or solar powered

You know, even things that are free,

still take some effort,

Regarding you question about the existence of a free energy reactor small enough to put on top of a lamp post, I think Tony Stark built one once, in a cave, with a box of scraps...


Wikipedia will tell you that free energy is impossible,


and moreover the rumors that free energy inventions being suppressed by industry and governments, well, that is just folklore. The title Wikipedia gives to its article on this topic is, "Free energy suppression conspiracy theory"


In contrast to Wikipedia, sites like PESN.org,


can give you an overview of all the free energy stories that are out there, but the trouble is trying to decide which one you want to try to replicate.

Note that building the device yourself is really the only way to prove you have something that actually works.

If this were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Perpetual motion isn't, and can't be, a real thing. Any examples claiming such are hoaxes, pranks, or simply misinformed. I'm sure a little poking around on google would reveal some interesting ways that some places use to power streetlights and such.


7 months ago


I' d sure like to find this perpetual motion.

(unfortunately never seen a working project.)

There are solar, wind, tide, geothermal energy that are free.

Even the noise in noisy place could be

converted into electricity..